Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yamaha Has a Scooter Concept that Has Wings


Although we are (obviously) all about Mercedes Benz parts, that doesn’t mean we don’t find news from other manufacturers interesting. Case in point, this scooter concept from Yamaha. I’m not sure if I absolutely love or loathe the wings they have designed into the scooter, but I’ve never seen anything like it and am kind of excited to see more companies take risks like this.


Unveiled at the first Vietnam Motorcycle Show in Ho Chi Minh City, the fourth concept model of Yamaha’s Gen series pursues an innovative approach to scooter dynamics and body structure that is based on the company’s Refined Dynamism design philosophy. Instead of hiding the frame behind exterior parts, the 04Gen concept wraps them in semi-transparent parts that pivot up to give the scooter wings.

Yamaha established its latest design philosophy in 2013 in an attempt to define a unique and clearly identifiable style. Under the Refined Dynamism umbrella, Yamaha has introduced three design concepts, starting in 2014 with the 01Gen tilting three-wheeler that had two wheels at the front. Continue Reading

Image via Yamaha

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