Monday, October 31, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Unveils First Luxury Truck


When Luxe and Grit Coexist

And the first thing that needs to be said is that it won’t be available in the United States. The X-Class Pickup Truck with the Benz emblem is set to be released late this coming year, with a slew of customization options to make these trucks vary from fancy street truck with the the chrome 3 pointed star, all the way up to a 6 cylinder diesel engine toting all wheel drive all the time off roading machine. While we’re skeptical of how many people are interested in paying Benz prices for a vehicle to drive out to the sand dunes with, we do know we will be petitioning Mercedes to get this beauty on American streets.   After well over a century in the car business, Mercedes-Benz is just getting around to making its first luxury pickup truck. A concept version was revealed Monday. Plans for the truck were first announced in March, 2015, but this is the first detailed look we've had at the design. It's expected to go on sale late next year in parts of Europe, Africa, South America and Australia. But it won't be available in the United States, even though big, luxurious trucks are extremely popular here. Mercedes (DDAIY) showed off two versions of the truck, called the X-class, at a presentation in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday. One, a green truck, was outfitted for off-road use. The other truck, which was white, was more of a high-end luxury model with a wood-trimmed interior. Continue Reading

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Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe Sets a Comfortable Standard For Mercedes’ Sporty Sub-Brand


AMG C43 a Smooth Operator

While the news is fixated on the AMG C63 being a modern muscle car of German make, the C43 almost slips under the radar. The new C43 coupe is set to make the bridge point between classy comfortable smooth rides and blood boiling explosively fast V-8 Twin-Turbocharged Engine. It’s made to look sleek, drive smooth, and roar when you need it to, the ideal car for someone who wants versatility out of their car.   Daimler’s Mercedes-AMG division has largely made its name on theatrics: things like burly sounding engines, flashy styling add-ons, and wild performance. It’s practically the German equivalent of classic American muscle-car culture, as we saw with the latest C63 S coupe. Its 503-hp, twin-turbocharged V-8 makes a beastly noise and goes like stink, while its rear-wheel-drive setup makes tail-out antics a snap. It also looks the business with huge wheels and flared haunches that set it apart from lesser C-class coupes. While the new Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe shares all but one digit in its name, it’s really a completely different animal, one considerably lower on the food chain. Continue Reading

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Mercedes F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Walks Out On Press Conference


Hamilton Leaves in a Huff

It’s been a rough week in the news regarding Lewis Hamilton, there has been a rather large media witch hunt for his actions at an FIA event where he was using snapchat. After having seen the media’s reaction to him, he gave a rather disappointed speech at his next press conference and walked out without answering a single question. While some might call him a show off, he’ll at least he showing off the right stuff with his Mercedes’ rims.   Lewis Hamilton opted not to answer questions in a Mercedes press conference at Suzuka on Saturday, and after offering an explanation, he walked out of the team's hospitality building. In addition to any FIA events, Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg attend short press conferences hosted by Mercedes on Thursday afternoons, and after both qualifying and the race. On this occasion Hamilton took the microphone and paused for a while before referencing negative media reaction to his Snapchat antics in Thursday's FIA press conference, citing it as disrespectful, before putting the microphone down and leaving. Continue Reading image via

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Mercedes Benz G Wagon – The SUV You Would Want In The Event Of A Plague Or Zombie Apocalypse


The Walking Dead Aren't a Problem if You're Driving a G-Wagon

In the rare event of a zombie apocalypse, the main expected reactions we should see from people are rampant looting and evacuations of city centers. If you were to have the chance to get your hands on any vehicle (perhaps something your neighbors had that you were envious of), then what should you be looking for in your ideal survive-everything automobile of choice? With congested roads, many of which might have been filled with abandoned vehicles as disaster strikes halted bumper to bumper traffic, and being trapped on the open highway like that leaves you rather exposed and open to disaster. One of the most essential features you can look for in a vehicle would be the ability to go off road, and then not needing to take a trip to the currently undead mechanic you used to go to. The 2017 AMG G65 SUV has off roading in spades, with simple efficient german engineering, and enough torque to comfortably drag 7000 pounds with that rather impressive 738 lb-ft torque output which can really get those rims spinning, just in case your getaway plan involved a boat. With society collapsing, you will also need a lot of storage to take everything you need to survive, but also to live and thrive. This is something people often underestimate, planning out just water and beans for the next few months until things blow over. Which is a little too optimistic if you want to survive. You want a car that can store medical supplies, food, water, hunting and fishing supplies, camping gear, seeds if you plan on farming to survive the rest of your life, tools to fix anything that breaks, gas to refuel the tank since you never know when you are going to be able to stop and refill again, maybe storage if any of your friends or loved ones have survived, and toilet paper - you really don’t want to go cold turkey on this modern amenity. The AMG G65 is also surprisingly fast for its size, pulling out 0 to 60 in a reasonable 5.3 seconds, for when you really need to be anywhere but where you currently are. Also while many may not like the classic G-Wagon boxy-shape, the view from the inside of the cab gives you a rather panoramic view in every direction, like seeing the entire world from an observation deck that is hauling balls over a sand dune. And while I can advise the G-Wagon for the immediate future after societal collapse, the issues of continued need for gas really do crawl up and cripple this monster in the long run. When maintenance on the power grid ceases due to the apocalypse, we can swiftly expect the pumps at gas stations to cease working. You can get by with Siphoning if you know how to do it without sucking gas into your mouth, there are better ways to do it but we’d rather not the liability of explaining how to do so here. The long story short though, is that in America Gasoline will quickly become a scarce resource as gas tanks shut down and tanks are siphoned down, or the gas spoiled from sitting idle too long - which if you lived to see would be a good indicator that you are otherwise doing pretty well at the whole surviving thing. What this is all leading up to though is that after using the AMG G65 to get the hell out of dodge and make your living until the smoke blows over, you will likely find more long term success using a diesel hulk like the Mercedes Charger vans which are certified to burn pretty much anything, but if you can get an established base set up, bio-diesel will be your ticket to riding out the rest of your days with some modern amenities afforded by a luxury car.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Is Everyone Loving Tesla And Can Mercedes Compete?


Tesla's Reputation is Hard to Beat

Tesla has been the focus of a lot of love coming from every source of car media, from social media to old established car magazines. It seems that everybody loves the new all electric focused upstart that has revitalized public interests, but why now and why Tesla? Tesla dropped a bombshell on the auto industry when they released their functioning electric models, and they’ve had their name become synonymous with electric cars, which is the place to be now that everyone and their mother is becoming more and more interested in being eco friendly in every way that they can. The electric motor has been around for a long time now, and it has been experimented with cars long before Tesla started building their first car. The problems came in the fact that we lacked the infrastructure to properly refuel these cars on any long distance trips and efficient batteries that could give these cars enough range to be practical in any sense. Tesla has capitalized at a time where batteries have been revolutionized by mobile phone producers and everyone is ready to throw money out to get recharge spots around towns so that these all electric vehicles can have their own form of gas station. So what’s holding Mercedes back, and can they catch up? Well, Mercedes has already been on the charge for setting up brand new factories to produce their all electric cars set to be released between 2017 and 2024, with new all electric future car designs being dropped almost every week. Mercedes has already started catch up, but they’re also being held back by their mainstay internal combustion engine cars. They still have a ludicrous amount of infrastructure invested into building gas and diesel models, and they recognize that not all of their customers may want an electric model. The fact that Mercedes has to divide their attention between two entirely different motors is going to cost them a lot of money to stay competitive with both. But if any company is going to have the assets and experience to modernize to the new electric craze it would be good old Mercedes-Benz. Plus, does Tesla have any chances to get sweet new rims for free?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What Makes High End Cars So expensive?


Why Expensive Cars are so... Expensive

So not a lot of people actually ask this question, and most that come across it will probably answer the question incorrection, or at least mostly incorrect. When it comes to luxury cars being more expensive, it is easy to assume that this is due to higher quality parts and the cost of installing all of these extra features, you’d be on a decent track but not quite covering much of the distance in the gap between prices. Now what a person really is buying when they buy a luxury car would be the exclusiveness of the model. How much it stands out in comparison to the robins, or because of the features it offers like a superior engine and extra safety features to keep you and yours in the possibility of accident. But the true source of the increased cost would be the fact that you are paying for the exclusivity of the item in question. Every single detail of every car you meet on the road was designed and built in factories and engineering labs that costs a significant amount of money before you even start accounting for material costs. As far as the material cost difference between a luxury car and a honda civic, is that the luxury car only sold 10,000 models while the civic has sold a few million, and if the designing costs for the civic and the luxury car  were of anywhere similar amounts, then the honda civics designing costs are divided between 200 times more people than our generically named luxury car. The true cost of luxury cars comes from paying for the infrastructure to put them on the markets while expecting a lower sale volume. Now with luxury cars you often seek to be noticed on the road, and now the cheapest way to get noticed is a fresh new pair of Mercedes rims that you might have the chance to win for free.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

How To Get Mercedes-Benz To Pay Attention To Your Innovation Requests


Submitting an Innovative Idea to Mercedes-Benz

So you think you’ve got a brand new idea that could revolutionize the Mercedes-Benz of your preference and you want them to include it in the next year lineup? Well, turns out auto company engineers are discouraged from speaking with private individuals due to a scandal involving a windshield wiper patent that many car companies plagiarized and eventually the owner of the design did successfully sue. So what’s this mean about your new idea? Well it depends on if you want to make money off the idea or not. If you have a design or innovation so great that you think you could make a decent sum of cash off of it, then you’ll want to file a patent pending to own the idea before throwing it out to the engineers. So if you find that your idea has been stolen, you can then follow through with legal repercussions. If your idea is good enough and you have the available capital to have a startup, then you can market your product to be sold by part to auto-makers. If you don’t have the startup capital, then the easier method is to find a means to sell the patent to auto-makers who’d have an interest in your design. However if you are an engineering philanthropist, then you can skip the legal troubles and self publish your designs on existing models of cars from various brands that you have an interest in. Then write a review about how much your new part has increased gas mileage in the new Mercedes engine or any other quality of life improvements your designs could add. Bonus points if you actually build and test the design and get real concrete data. Once you’ve done this you just need to share it on car discussion forums and by natural osmosis your ideas will make it to the engineers who could use or improve it.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How A Luxury Car Can Help You Make More Money


Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Success

In general most people don’t consider cars as much of an investment beyond perhaps modern fuel efficient cars as a means to save money. A luxury car is what people buy to show off their disposable income, and as cars are driven they depreciate in value, so how does one consider a luxury car an investment for any business savvy man? It all comes down to image and ego, if the luxury cars are the toys of the wealthy then obviously having one is a sign of being successful. You pay that extra money to get the Mercedes-Benz and people will see you driving it or getting out of it and think that you must be successful to drive a car like that around.In the business of sales, marketing and most importantly consulting, your image means everything to the client. Nobody is going to take money advice from someone who doesn’t look like they have a cent to their name, so consultants invest and get a good shoes, suit, tie, the whole deal to look presentable to their customer. If you are going that far to convince your customer that you have money and are thus credible, then the Porsche or Mercedes or whatever brand sounds most prestigious in your area would be an accessory to credibility. When it comes down to it, if customers see your car, or your business place, or you, and they feel like your competitor has more money than you, they will assume that your competition is the better business. Many people do not change their first impressions, so not having everything in order to look great is a way to lose sells to your competition that went the extra mile in presentability. But if you need a luxury car to get more money to become more successful, then wouldn’t you already need to be successful to get the car? Not necessarily. A salesman cares about making the best impression to the widest audience possible, and typically a low enough percent of the population know enough about cars to know that your Mercedes is 4 years out of season with a fresh set of rims purchased for the cheap online to keep the sparkle like it’s new and valuable going.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Red Bull Seeking Further Wins Over Mercedes


Can Mercedes Benz Keep Up?

Red Bull’s F1 Racing team feels confident to challenge Mercedes in the Malasyian race aftermath where Mercedes engine failure cost the German auto team to fall out from first place leaving Red Bull to take the lead. Now Red Bull sees Mercedes setting new engine parameters to limit and reduce risk, and see that as a chance to beat Mercedes in Japan.   Malaysian Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo believes Mercedes’ engine reliability concerns could further help Red Bull’s chances of challenging for another win in Japan. Fresh from his success at Sepang last weekend, after Lewis Hamilton retired from the lead with a blown engine, Ricciardo senses the characteristics of Suzuka will better suit his car’s aerodynamic strengths. And, in the wake of Mercedes admitting it will change its engine running parameters this weekend in a bid to guarantee reliability, Ricciardo thinks there is everything to play for. “It could bring us closer,” he said. “I think forgetting what happened last weekend, coming into this race we thought it would be one where we could have an advantage over Ferrari. And if it is wet we can get really close to Mercedes. Continue Reading

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Formula E Racing Becoming The New testing Grounds


Going Green on the Track

In it’s infancy stages, or first season, Formula E was a neck and neck race about driver skill as all the cars were identical, which made for amazing races. Now Formula E has allowed customization of the cars on the tracks which has quickly drawn the attention of many big names in the auto industry who want to both test their equipment and strut their stuff on the eco friendly racing track. Mercedes is also set to join the fray next season, obviously looking to smash the competition with their outstanding engines.   We’re now two full seasons into the wild experiment of Formula E, a racing series that pits 20 F1-style electric racecars against each other on the streets of the biggest cities in the world. The racing has so far been excellent — the races are short, close, and competitive, and in both seasons the drivers’ championships were decided on the final day. Formula E has provided the kind of drama you hope for in any sport, but to find it in a series that’s brand-new is surprising. An extra level of drama is coming in season three, kicking off this weekend in Hong Kong. Continue Reading

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Mercedes EQ Branding Mouthful


Maybe it's Time for a New Benz Naming Convention

Some Mercedes-Benz cars are known to have notoriously long names, but they might be left in the dust in the near future with the EQ sub-brand adding yet another prefix before the model name. Soon enough we expect the Mercedes electric supercar to be prefaced with Mercedes-Benz AMG EQ and then finally the name of the car.  Click here for all of your Mercedes parts needs, it’ll be easier than saying the new brand names   The Mercedes-Benz hypercar currently in development could face a branding conundrum as the German automaker continues to add sub-brands. It will wear the three-pointed star, making it a Mercedes-Benz. And it is being developed by AMG, the performance sub-brand. And it will share the Formula 1 hybrid powertrain, making it eligible to be part of the new EQ sub-brand that will denote electric vehicles. Daimler used the Paris Motor Show to confirm work is underway on the hypercar and also to launch the new EQ brand. Executives aren’t worried about a potentially lengthy moniker, which could include “Mercedes-Benz AMG EQ” and then the name of the supercar. Continue Reading

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Classic 1971 Mercedes For Sale In Almost New Condition


Here's the Classic Mercedes You're Looking For

The Mercedes-Benz 280SL of the 1970s is a rare thing to ever see on modern roads, but just recently one has gone up for auction with just 54,000 miles and a track record of being safe from the elements. The perfect pick-up for a classic car enthusiast or someone who’s never driven in an old Mercedes Roadster. A car like this can run almost indefinitely when it goes through proper engine maintenance.   Here’s a drop top classic from the ‘70s that will never go out of style. Ever. This 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SL is practically new with only 54,818 miles on the clock and was just listed on Bring a Trailer. According to BaT, the silver convertible with a dark blue leather interior was purchased from the original owner in 1976. It has stayed in the family ever since, and has only been driven in fair weather. Now that’s really sad news. In order to truly experience a roadster as fine as this, one should drive it year-round, with the top always down. But, their loss is your gain. Continue Reading image via Bring a Trailer

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Mercedes Teams Up With AutoGravity To Offer Superior Car Buying


(Another) New Option for Buying a Car

The German auto titan has announced that they will be working with the makers of AutoGravity to simplify car shopping for their customers. AutoGravity is an app which will allow users to shop by models and find where these cars are at local dealerships. To aid you with buying Mercedes parts, click here, and find everything in one place.   AutoGravity, a FinTech pioneer on a mission to transform car financing by harnessing the power of the smartphone, has partnered with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC, bringing one of the leading captive lenders to the revolutionary auto financing app. With Mercedes-Benz Financial Services fully integrated into the public beta release of the digital platform, car buyers using AutoGravity will experience a selection of loan and lease options when financing a new car on the AutoGravity iOS App, Android App or mobile-responsive Web App. "AutoGravity was created to empower car buyers through their smartphones and give them access to a wide selection of auto finance options from the palm of their hands," said Andy Hinrichs, founder and CEO of AutoGravity. Continue Reading

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Generation EQ Makes Appearance at Paris Auto Show


Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes has revealed their show car, the Generation EQ, and it is an absolutely beautiful electric crossover SUV. Intended to have a range of 500 kilometers running off of two entirely electric motors, the Generation EQ looks like a dangerous foe for Tesla. Click here for your Mercedes electrical needs. German luxury giant Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept version of its first premium battery-electric vehicle in Paris this past week.   The "Generation EQ" is a battery-electric crossover SUV with two electric motors and a claimed range of "up to 500 kilometers." Officially, for now, it's a show car -- but Mercedes confirmed that it's "close" to a vehicle it intends to bring to market in the near future. A futuristic take on Mercedes' current styling On the outside, the Generation EQ is Mercedes' take on "an avant-garde, contemporary and distinctive electro-look," according to design chief Gorden Wagener. The most striking design element is the blue lighting in its nose, which is incorporated in the vehicle's interior as well. Continue Reading

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

$7,500 worth of Heroin and Mercedes Benz S-Class Confiscated


$1001, Drugs and an S-Class

A New Jersey man who had been under police investigation for a while has been taken into custody as police confronted him outside of his home. The 34 year old man resisted arrest and was found to have in his immediate possession $1,001 in cash and 5 grams of marijuana. His house was also searched and found to hold $7,500 worth of Heroin. The Jersey man was also in possession of a Mercedes Benz which has been seized under the suspect of being drug proceeds. Click here and find Mercedes parts at a price you won’t have to sell drugs to afford.   Mercer County authorities concluded a four-month investigation recently with the arrest of a city man who allegedly had $7,500 worth of heroin in his apartment. The Mercer County Narcotics Task Force also seized suspect Raheem Cooper's 2007 Mercedes Benz S-550 as alleged drug proceeds, the county prosecutor's office said in a statement Tuesday. Cooper, 34, was apprehended at 6 p.m. on Sept. 15. Task force officers spotted him leave his Monmouth Street apartment get into a vehicle and moved in to detained him. Officers handcuffed Cooper behind his back and placed him againt a police vehicle, the office said. Continue Reading

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Ququq Releases Camping Box Kit for Mercedes G-Class


Glamping in Your G-Class

The company with the amazingly fun to say name Ququq has been in the market of releasing specialized boxed kits to transform vehicles into campers by cramming in all the amenities they can in reasonably sized packages to make glamping easier than it has ever been before. Now they’ve added the G-class to the list of vehicles that they are offering their accessories for and anyone who owns one of the Benz vans might be better for it.   Back in 2013, we looked at the Ququq box, an all-in-one camper box similar to European competitors like the Qubiq and Yatoo. We liked the simple design and pricing on the Ququq, but the list of vehicles didn't necessarily include every model we might like to take camping, especially if our camping plans were to include off-roading. But Ququq has been expanding its line to fit additional vehicle models, and its latest product, the G-Box, transforms the famed Mercedes G-Class into the G-Camper, a powerful force in multi-day off-road exploration. Continue Reading

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Mercedes 2017 Flagship Spotted Test Driving Along Mercedes S63 AMG


2017 S-Class and S63 AMG Caught Cruising Together

While we still eagerly await a full in depth reveal of the 2017 S-Class Mercedes, we have seen it drive along with its sibling the Mercedes S63 AMG. The new S-Class will sport many of the features revealed with the new E-Class including a tasteful infotainment system that is integrated better than ever before. While your Mercedes might not match up to the 2017 S-Class with modern features, you could gear up that engine so your Mercedes too could enjoy the road along the S63 AMG.   The facelifted Mercedes S-Class was spotted during development testing in Southern Europe, along with its go-faster silbing, the mighty S63 AMG. The German luxury flagship is set to receive a range of updates, including some of the advanced tech features that debuted in the E-Class. Things like touch-sensitive controls, a new three-spoke steering wheels and a new set of digital displays are already a given, thanks to our skilled spies’ previous efforts. Being one of the most impressive features of the current model, the updated S-Class will host a pair of two new high-resolution screens with no buttons in between them, making them look more unified and elegant. The infotainment system will be controlled by the new touchpad knob on the center console. Continue Reading

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Mercedes, BMW and Audi Team Up To Give Users Best Traffic and Parking Updates


German Automakers Team Up for Better Parking Situation

The three titans of German auto production have teamed up so that their cars will take data from GPS and cameras to identify traffic conditions and open parking spaces to guide their users on the best route possible. While this announcement might sound minor, in urban areas where congestion can get fierce, this feature can save you a massive amount of frustration. Click here, and see what else you can do to make your ride more enjoyable.   Think of Waze, the community traffic mapping service owned by Google, but without the smartphone. Mapping firm Here, recently bought from Nokia by a group of German automakers, announced yesterday, at the Paris Motor Show, the launch of a project aimed at sourcing data generated by sensors deeply embedded within a car and sharing them with other vehicles to help drivers gain a better understanding of traffic conditions. A forward-facing camera on the cars will detect traffic sign information (including speed limits), accidents, road closures and unexpected traffic events. Other sensors will record the speed, direction and location of a vehicle, the weather conditions and hard braking, as denoted by sharp deceleration. Continue Reading

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Mercedes Benz An Animal Rights Activist leader in Mercedes Parts Online. Best Pricing Mercedes Benz is a big time donor and contributor to the National Humane Society. The NHS is raffling off a New Mercedes Benz SL 400 or $50,000 cash. Mercedes is committed to giving back to many philanthropic endeavors whether human rights or animal rights. It is appalling to see any animal cruelty, especially when Mercedes is involved in a headline. Many animal rights groups like the Animal Rescue Group in Munich use a Mercedes Sprinter van as their mobile base of operations and to bring back animals who have suffered abuse or neglect. Their sprinter van has been modified to be a mobile vet clinic. If you are an animal rights group (or someone that just love a faster vehicle) and need to get to a rescue in a hurry, tuning up your Mercedes Benz Engine is something you may want to do. Creating a better world is really what Mercedes Benz is about.  

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