Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plus Sizing Your Tires Explained

RimsWhile it might make your car look more aesthetically pleasing, you should take steps when getting bigger rims for your vehicle to ensure you’re doing it right. Otherwise, you risk damaging your tires and, in extreme cases, the car itself. And if you’re driving a Benz, that’s simply unacceptable.


Tires are one of the most vital elements of a vehicle, but they are often ignored. On car forums and in car fans’ discussions, tires rarely come into the discussion, and often in the process of swapping the rims. The most common swap involves upsizing. The term means fitting bigger wheels and adequate tires to a car.

From there, things have gone into several directions over the years, and some tuning trends include doing horrible things to tires.

They are abused by fitting them in a “stretched” fashion on inappropriately sized rims. While the aesthetic factor comes to mind, those stretched tires do look good in pictures and videos, but they bring disasters to ride, handling, and safety. Continue Reading

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