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What You Need To Know About Kanye From His Mercedes-Benz Lyrics

Why does kanye west love mercedes benz so much? Kanye grew up in the south side of chicago and many of the people that lived what he refers to as "The Good Life" Drove a Mercedes Benz. To him it is the epitome of luxury and status.

The Undeniable Link Between Kayne West And Mercedes Benz

Love him or hate him, we can’t deny the fact that Kanye has produced hit songs after hit songs that made a mark in the music industry and popular culture. And if there is one thing that Kanye West thrives on, that is change itself.   But while Kanye continues to innovate and experiment with different elements all throughout his career, what remains unchanged is his love for the luxurious Mercedes-Benz. To this day, Yeezy has made more shoutouts to Mercedes-Benz compared to the countless references he has for other brands.   A Benz has and continues to be Kanye West’s muse. He is open and persistent about using the brand as his source of inspiration. In all of his songs and albums, the Mercedes prevails as the ultimate emblem of success for Kanye. Earning a Benz, and driving one, signify to everyone how an individual has made it regarding financial independence and higher ranks in social status.   And as a writer, Kanye has extensively made himself a subject of his works, and the Benz maintains a vital part in the image he builds in the music industry. In many scenarios, the Benz is an ever-present element that adds personality to Kanye’s dreams, bars, and even to his make-believe presidential portraits.   Although it’s quite easy to conclude that Benz is convenient enough to use since there are plenty of words that rhyme with it, we can understand much of Kanye West’s career through his memorable and often revealing Benz quotes.   Here are some of the songs with Benz lyrics Kanye penned that can help us probe into his psyche.  

Last Call

  “Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips” is the line that helped jump start Kanye West’s career as one of the industry’s most famous rappers. As he explains in the outro of his piece titled “Last Call,” the lyric convinced Jay-Z that Kanye also has what it takes to be a hip hop artist.   The track serves as The College Dropout’s narrative of the beginning of his influential position in the music scene. According to some interviews, Kanye was only around 21 years old when he came up with the line in front of Jay-Z. That was the moment when Kanye began formulating ideas for what the world would soon know as his debut album.   So, yes, Kanye West’s career started with a Benz lyric. And he continues to drop Mercedes-Benz lines for fans and critics alike to encounter in more of his singles and albums. With the line, we get a glimpse of a typical Kanye with his wordplay on cultural references and praise for his favorite vehicle.  

Breathe In Breathe Out

  With this song, Kanye announced his presence as a rapper who can bring together unique sounds from different artists. To be the first to have a “Benz and a backpack” is telling of how Kanye is the rapper with both a grounded social consciousness and the bone for being a producer of mainstream music for life in the fast lane.   Kanye West is the kind of artist who can blur the boundaries between the socio-cultural context and the industry-manipulated elements of a song. Doing so makes him one of the few rappers who paved the way for two distinct paths of rap to merge.   It is also good to note that Kanye is probably the only artist who can get Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj together for a single or the only rapper who can work with Bon Iver, Paul McCartney, and Rihanna all at the same time. Again, for Kanye, it’s about working with both the Benz and the backpack.  

Out of Your Mind

  Even before Kanye defined the kind of artist he is, his fascination for the German automobile maker is already identifiable at the beginning of his career. In a demo he made back in 2001, Kanye displayed familiar rap themes like a casual misogyny and praise for expensive things.   With lines comparing the love Kanye has for cars and girls, the demo shows another side of Kanye West. That is his incapacity to make relationships work. Loving something as fancy as a Benz will come easy for Kanye, but loving another person is the challenge for him. He finds it difficult to understand and value people, especially women. As for material possessions, he finds it easy enough to appreciate them that Kanye being Kanye will always choose the Benz over a woman. At least, that’s what the lyrics say.  


  In less than one year in college, Kanye West was able to release three albums that many of us would gladly call our college life soundtrack. There was no mistaking the influence Kanye’s albums had on the youth.   And it wasn’t just the songs that made a mark on the listeners. Kanye’s decisions to include a bear mascot and to wear Polo shirts as part of the package for the music he produced at the time were all signifiers of how he is a relatable figure to his audience.   But, like what the lyrics say about making it from “student loans to a Benzo,” Kanye shows just how much he can connect with seemingly different listeners - the college students and the traditional audience of mainstream rap.   Kanye knows who his markets are and how to pique the interests of every kind of audience. Like bringing together different musicians, Kanye can also make the diverse crowds pause for a while to listen to the same music and to what he has to say as an artist.   In the end, his college trilogy produced more than just rap songs but also a generation of fans who grew up with his music and have come to appreciate hip hop.  

Make Her Say

  Cars aren’t the only things that Kanye loves to drop in his songs. He also makes references to historical figures he admires or thinks are comparable to himself. Kanye presents himself as the Steve Jobs, Picasso, Michael Jordan, Kubrick, Tesla, or even Disney of music. In Make Her Say, Kanye disses a bus and says his “Benz is parked like Rosa.” Here, we get another glimpse of his take on history and social reality which he uses for his music, not just as a form of expression but also as a means to build his status in the industry.   Social awareness is a common element in rap, and to spit the lyrics the way Kanye did, again, heralds the Mercedes as a symbol of luxury and high station. To liken the Benz to Rosa Parks who was a civil rights activist who refused to yield her seat in a bus seat to a white passenger is telling.   That was a way for Kanye to elevate even more the status of Mercedes-Benz as something comparable to a historical figure who inspired valuable changes in society. All while, in his way, cementing the high respect he has for Rosa and everyone else who, ironically, fought for equality.  


  Though initially, Kanye found it difficult to enter the hip-hop industry because he did not conform to the status quo associated with the genre, he still found ways to incorporate one of the most common characteristics of rap music. He made an ode to affluence by rapping about starting from the bottom and then owning the top.   Singing about his other Benz and his “other, other Benz,” only shows just how luxurious his life has become. With just two words, Kanye pulled off something that befits his now glorified celebrity status. Indeed, he has become the man who has so many Benzes, and it’s become impossible for people to track him or his wealth.   Now, how many people can honestly say they have this kind of problem if it is a problem at all? Not everyone does, but with Kanye sharing a bit of his lavish lifestyle, aka one of his achievements, everyone can pretend and claim they have other, other Benzes.  

Gold Digger

  The megahit song Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx also tackles the typical rags to riches theme in the automotive-driven world of the music industry (pun intended).   When Kanye and Jamie rapped about someone making it big by going “into a Benz out of that Datsun,” they displayed yet again how ambition, a good dose of talent, and real hard work can take anyone out of an old Datsun and into a luxury car.   It’s the metaphor for transformation, an economic and social success, that rappers commonly include in their songs. And more often than not, that is always the case for them when they make their mark in the hip hop industry.  

Christian Dior Denim Flow

  Aside from cars, historical figures, and social awareness here and there, Kanye is also passionate about fashion and being involved with people from that industry. On this particular song, released as a GOOD Friday single, Kanye drops the names of at least 15 models he wants to sleep with, all in one verse.   Naming Esti Ginzburg and Bar Rafaeli, famous Israeli models, was just part of the era that Kanye has dedicated to the celebration of excess and indulgence. Saying he was in a Benz with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was dating Rafaeli at the time, displays the fantasies that Kanye had about living in the fast lane.   The only thing is, those fantasies were not far from reality with the way Kanye was living and basking in the fame that comes with his success in rap. That is also evident in the knowledge he has of the fashion industry. One might even say that the way he talks about the industry shows just how deep his involvement is, and that is true since he began working on his Yeezy fashion line.  

Hey Mama

  A tribute to his mother, Donda West, Hey Mama is perhaps the most emotionally-charged song Kanye West has released ever.   The track will take us back to a time when Kanye still hasn’t arrived at the level of success and wealth he is enjoying now. It is a moment when Kanye makes a promise to his mother, saying he will give her “that Benzo” when he has accumulated enough money and fame.  

Birthday Song

  Despite the initial connection and relatability value that he builds in his other music, the Birthday Song draws the difference between Kanye West and ordinary people, aka you and me.   It’s a warning to anyone trying to touch or do anything destructive while enjoying a free ride in one of the Benzes Kanye owns. If anyone does anything Kanye doesn’t like, then that person might just go back to the level where he came from before he got to experience the Benz. Following our previous takes on a Benz as the metaphorical definition of success, the fast lane, or the high life, it can mean that Kanye is willing to let anyone in on his celebrity life just as long as that “pedestrian” doesn’t cross the line.   Or the lyrics may also mean Kanye just doesn’t want anyone messing with one of his luxury cars. You know, being the usual reaction of a typical rich guy. If anyone of us owned a Benz, we’d pretty much do the same thing.   But Kanye being Kanye, he probably means both as he, again, contrasts the Mercedes to a lower form of transportation, which is walking.   Having a Benz or having a lifestyle comparable to one is the high way of living (again pun intended), while anything less than that is pedestrian.  

On Sight

  Kanye West’s sixth solo album is the complete opposite of his My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album initially has a harsh tone comparable to a blast of noise. And just as you consider taking shelter from all that sound, Kanye begins to rap.   With On Sight, Kanye pushes his audience away from him first through the sound and beat of the song and then through the lyrics. Pulling up and parking his Benz before getting a woman who’s “shaking like Parkinson’s” is one of the lines that gives life to the villainous Yeezus-era of Kanye.   The song is just one of the other singles on his album that display an even wilder persona that Kanye created. And while he continues to rap about his favorite Benz, his words turned into something foul, unagreeable, and rather toxic instead of describing the enviable and celebratory life he presented previously.   Unsurprisingly, the lyric generated angry and negative reactions, especially from politically-correct people and advocates. And with that, the lyric, the song, and ultimately the album, might have just achieved its goal of filtering out the easily offended people. Here is Kanye showing just how little he cares about matters close to other people while he spawns a whole new, different persona.  

Send It Up

  On Send It Up, still a part of his Yeezus album, we get another dose of Kanye’s love for his Benzes. But this time, his love reaches a whole new level that some might dismiss as something absurd.   Kanye talks about going on a date with a girl who asks him if he can get all of her friends inside the club. Again, Kanye compares people to his Benz. But unlike the Rosa Parks comparison, Kanye downplays the value he has for other people’s friends.   Instead of inviting the friends, he compares them to his Benz, which he can’t bring inside the club. And so, he tells the girl to “park” her friends “outside ‘til the evening ends.”   So, call Kanye conceited for all you want. That lyric was an arrogant display of power and is a different level of wordplay for Kanye. People will either love or hate that line. They will either cringe or cheer upon hearing it. And that drawing different reactions by raising himself to a stage that is above everyone else is what defines Kanye.  


  No one can deny the love Kanye West has for his ride with all the Mercedes-Benz references he made all throughout his music career and with the kind of life he lives ever since he became a famous rapper. Though some of us would hate to admit it, Kanye can be a representative of our deprived selves and our selfish and sometimes perverted impulses. All the Benz references he makes are suggestive of a vibrant and often overloaded celebrity life Kanye has. It’s something we’d want to emulate even when we love to hate it.   Show me your grill! Ok another early 2000 rap reference. Our grills for Mercedes are hot right now!

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The Most Expensive Mercedes Benz Cars Sold At Auction

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Are You Worth The Money

The Best Or Nothing- Worth The Price?

[/caption] Mercedes-Benz, one of the leading car manufacturers of all time, continues its pursuit to produce high quality, luxurious, and expensive cars. The terrific experience of owning this car will offset the billions of dollars invested by avid car enthusiasts. More than a century of bringing new technology and innovations in the market continues as it paves the way to more development.

Nothing But The Best

Up until now, customers expect nothing less than superiority and technological leadership. Thus, Mercedes-Benz must perform the very best in all areas such as sales, customer service, production, and development. Its performance for more than a century reflects its core values of fascination, responsibility, and perfection. Building cars to produce excellence is a combination of the many aspects of performance to create something incredible because Mercedes-Benz isn’t interested in building cars that are only fast and powerful. Inasmuch, cars are more than machines; they let you feel. Mercedes-Benz has wide-ranging research facilities in different locations in USA, Italy, and Germany. Such services aim to develop, innovate and improve various aspects we see in modern cars. To remain the best, Mercedes-Benz continues to fulfill its core values by carrying out that destiny. It will take it more than just battery electric vehicles and hybrids. Mercedes-Benz has ventured into zero-emission, renewable hydrogen fuel cell power. From its engine to its body, Mercedes-Benz has devoted to developing breakthroughs to help make an accident less damaging and severe.

Beginning of A Legend

For how many years of service, the company has built its name from the ground. The name Mercedes-Benz comes from its founder Carl Benz while the word “Mercedes” comes from the daughter of a customer of Gottlieb Daimler. He purchased a custom-built car which he named after his daughter, Mercedes. Moreover, the word “Mercedes” means power and grace; indeed envisioning the total quality, style, and substance of the ride. The company is now employing 1,500 people. Furthermore, it also has 356 associated dealership that employs 21,500 people themselves. Ever since inventing the first Mercedes-Benz, the company has set the standards for what all cars might someday become. Due to being the first in performance and driving, the world’s first automaker remains first in almost everything.

The Thrilling Experience of A Lifetime

Driving this luxury car gives you the rush and excitement you’re looking. Experience breathtaking performance at the same time enjoying every moment to the fullest sums up the whole driving experience. It gives the rider the sense of satisfaction, filled with passion and an experience of a lifetime. The company built a Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge so that everyone can experience the thrill in its ways. Everyone can now experience the excitement and thrill of driving a Mercedes-Benz. With many different classes of Mercedes-Benz, even little learners from ages under seventeen can experience it. People from all walks of life can feel the unique handling, incredible acceleration, hair-raising sound and power of a high-performance Mercedes-Benz engine in its high capacity flow. The Mercedes-Benz World gives its customers a wholesome driving experience suitable for most ages. Kids ages seventeen below can drive miniature electric versions of Mercedes-Benz cars on an indoor circuit. On the other hand, ages seventeen and above can start learning how to drive and drive on the part of the original course. The whole package brought by Mercedes-Benz World, having the chance to experience the latest high-performance vehicles with thrilling driving adventures, is worth a try.

There’s No Other Car Like Mercedes-Benz

There are now many different models of Mercedes-Benz, but each model still carries the core values of the company. The company sells a broad range of vehicles from highly efficient and dynamic A-Class to the lavish and spacious S-Class or E-Class. Mercedes-Benz vehicles deliver outstanding cost efficiency across the world. Its features are modernized, attracting customers toward the brand. Mercedes-Benz also offers different dual-zone technology for LED running lamps and audio connectivity, climate control, rear view dimming, etc. Moreover, it has a smartphone integration option that is beneficial for customers in the short and long run. Related to its safety system, it gives the users the feel of an enhanced and convenient usage of cars. The most important feature that makes Mercedes-Benz unique from other brands is because of its Electronic Stability Program. Mercedes-Benz was the first to introduce ESP. Studies conducted based on an official, anonymous data coming from the Federal Office of Statistics showed that drivers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are safer on the road than drivers of other car brands. The result of the study clearly indicates that contribution done by the passive safety systems of Mercedes-Benz in reducing the consequences of an accident. It's features that can minimize the impact of an accident include belt-force limiters and adaptive front airbags. These features can adapt to the degree of impact and smartly designed structure which gives off absolute protection in the event of rigid collisions.

Trade-In Value for Auction

After years of usage, the value of a Mercedes-Benz depreciates. Regardless if the value gets depreciated each year, it will still have some value if you sell it at an auction. The "trade-in" value is the value left in your investment after years of depreciation. You consider such value when you make a decision of selling the Mercedes-Benz vehicle at its current value. There are different ways to purchase a used Mercedes-Benz at a low price. Many available auction sites you can access into if you want to buy a used or brand new Mercedes-Benz. When you buy a used Mercedes-Benz in an auction house, you are buying not just the vehicle itself, but also the rich tradition of automobile manufacturing development and a history of making high-quality cars since the beginning. Various types of Mercedes-Benz sold in an auction includes multi-purpose vehicles, hatchbacks, estates and coupes, saloon, SUVs, off -roaders and luxury tourers; even the most expensive Mercedes-Benz is part of the auction.

Knowledge Before Entering In An Auction

Finding the right Mercedes-Benz to invest in takes time and research. You must know what kind of model would fit your needs and also which trim engine and transmission. You don’t just go buying expensive items without even having the slightest knowledge about it especially if you are planning to acquire a used car. The things you need to do is to check the vehicle history report, do a proper inspection and scan the Mercedes-Benz for any fault codes. Other things to consider before buying are the Mercedes-Benz dealer and an independent auto repair shop. The good thing about the purchase of a used Mercedes-Benz from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership is that you’d be at ease that you’d get a clean and reliable Mercedes-Benz. There might be additional fees to pay for aside from the value of the car itself, but you will have a peace of mind. Usually, Mercedes-Benz vehicles bought from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership undergo rigorous checks such as function test, undercarriage, electrical system, engine check, chassis, appearance and road tests.

What Can You Get From An Auction

What’s attractive about a public auction is the ease of purchase and selection.  Usually, sites for it have built-in search functionality for you to take part in any online Mercedes-Benz car auction quickly. Models sold in an auction are available throughout the year so you can take part of it in your convenient time. You have the option to purchase a salvaged model or a clean model for the purpose of owning it at a low price. Even used Mercedes-Benz would be as good as a new one. A used Mercedes-Benz is still most likely would have a lot more features than other brands of used cars. The structure, materials used and interior quality of a Mercedes-Benz will be much better than that of other vehicles. Though depreciation takes a toll on the value of a Mercedes-Benz, it still looks sharp. No other brands can make a statement about the quality and performance like a Mercedes-Benz does, even how old it gets. Also even how old it gets the comfort, safety and luxury in riding a Mercedes-Benz cannot be compared to other car brands. Once you bought a Mercedes-Benz online, you get an option of direct shipping. It offers a huge benefit to customers located internationally. It’ll give such customers the advantage of convenience for having their cars shipped to other parts of the world without worrying about the distance. Though not so many Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the used car market as other famous manufacturers, however, you can be confident that you can still find a suitable and satisfactory Mercedes-Benz available in stock.

How Much Do The Most Expensive Mercedes Benz Sold at Auction Cost?

  • SLR McLaren Mansory Renovatio – $1.5 Million

  This SLR McLaren makes it to the list of most expensive Mercedes-Benz ever sold at an auction; garnering the price of $1.5 million. The price can be due to the car’s impressive specifications. This beauty has a top speed of about 340 km/h. Moreover, this Mercedes-Benz has a 5.5-litre V8 engine. Such beautiful vehicle is a combination of the Mercedes-McLaren SLR and the work of the modification company Mansory.  
  • 2010 SLR McLaren V10 Quad Turbo Brabus “White Gold” - $2 Million

  This 2010 McLaren V10 Quad Turbo  Brabus was surrounded with a lot of controversies because publications tried to pass off as being coated in gold allow. However, it’s not. It’s likely a vinyl chrome wrap. Nonetheless, this version of Mercedes-Benz is worth about $2 million. It has an 8.4 liter V10 boasts about 1,600 horsepower, which converts to an impressive top speed of around 217 mph. It is said to be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds.  
  • C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept - $3 Million

  The C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept was a work of art of Mercedes-Benz during the early 90s. It is the most practical and established Mercedes idea available today. The C112 has a top speed of 200 mph.  It also has distinct aesthetic similarities to the McLaren F1. Despite some significant demand and potential buyers, it never entered full production.  
  • 1929 SSK Roadster - $3.3 Million

  The 1929 SSK Roadster was a sports car with two-seat on it. This masterpiece produced from the late 20s up until the early 30s was also considered as one of the most successful racing cars during that time and is very scarce now. Moreover, there are only about five left. This car has around 200+ hp straight six engine and an impressive racing record.  
  • 2002 CLK GTR AMG Roadster - $3.5 Million

  The 2002 CLK GTR AMG Roadster is a high-performance car. Mostly racing and street versions of CLK GTR were almost manufactured the same and perform at an incredible level. Despite its incredible level of performance, there were significant tweaks and mods under the hood. Nevertheless, the 2002 CLK GTR AMG Roadster engine powered by a 6.9-liter V12 can deliver a total of 604 horsepower and 572 lb-ft of torque.  
  • 1935 500K - $3.7 Million

  This masterpiece was built between the years 1934 and 1936. The 1935 500K was known to be a luxury and performance model during that time. Such masterpiece recognized during that period as one of the most comfortable rides. Only around a hundred were made that time. Because of its rarity and luxury, this masterpiece cost for about $3.7 million.  
  • 1955 300SL - $4.6 Million

  This Mercedes-Benz is originally a race car. The production of 1955 300SL took place between 1952 and 1953. Today, there are very few left. This work of art featured gull-wings and was said to be the fastest car in the world during its production.  
  • 1929 38/250 SSK - $7.4 Million

  The 1929 38/250 SSK is a slightly different variant. It was sold by Bonhams, a British auction house, back in 2004. During 2004, this car was an engineering phenomenon. It was also very successful in racing at the time. Only a few were left over, making these cars more expensive at auction.  
  • 1928 680 S Torpedo Roadster - $8.25 Million

  This 1928 680 S Torpedo Roadster was designed partially by Mercedes-Benz with limitless work done by French auto-body manufacturer Carrosserie J.  Saoutchik. It stands as a perfect example of coachbuilding in the late 1920s because of its interior design. The materials used for this were a statement of modern day coachbuilding materials. Included in its powerful allure is a 6,789 cc engine with dual-carburetor roots supercharger that is connected to a four-speed manual transmission. Only twelve bodies were produced by Carrosserie J. Saoutchik, making this an obscenely rare car.  
  • 2011 SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream - $10 Million

  This beautiful and elegant Mercedes-Benz contains everything you could wish for in a car. The paint used in this 2011 SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream contains gold dust, and the headlights and wheels are both coated in gold. Including the internal knobs and instruments are jeweled with gold and rubies. There were some upgrades and tuning for this beauty. The car had a top speed of about 210 mph, highlighting a 5.4-liter V8 motor which produces a 999 hp and 735 kW torque.  
  • 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster - $11.8 Million

  This 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster was the favorite of Baroness Gisela von Krieger. The car shipped to the US following Baroness Gisela von Krieger’s emigration from Germany to New York was found in the barn around 1992 and immediately restored and regained its classic beauty and war-torn personality. This Mercedes-Benz uses an 180 hp 5.4-liter inline-eight supercharged engine.  
  • 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 - $29.6 Million

  This 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 is a racing beauty. It managed to set a world record for the most expensive car ever sold at auction. It competed and won nine of twelve races and two World Championships and also listed at the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale last July 2013. It has a 2.5-liter inline-eight engine. The basis of the engine featured technology was the Messerschmitt 109 plane of Word War Two. Such car was also the same car driven by Juan Manuel Fangio to set equation one world record. Takeaway Mercedes-Benz may be one of the most expensive cars, however, investing in Mercedes-Benz is worth the price. Investing in such an expensive thing can be a waste of money, but it gives off positive results in the long run. Because of its high quality, it doesn’t get old and used up quickly. Moreover, the trade-in in splurging in this expensive item is the absolute satisfaction you can get. It does fulfill the need for a mode of transportation, and it ensures your safety due to its electronic stability control, blind-spot warning systems and anti-lock brake system. Also, its cost of maintenance is cheap as long as you know how to maintain it in good condition. Nonetheless, nothing beats the experience a person can get from driving a Mercedes-Benz because it is nothing but the best. Besides that, it gives a new meaning to your life because of the driving experience you can have.        

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What You Need to Know About Mercedes-Benz and Its Strategies for Automation

Mercedes-Benz continues to provide products that can embody the brand as a timeless luxury which can only mean “the best or nothing.” The German carmaker continues to appeal to drivers of all ages coming from different areas of the world as they explore a more seamless customer assistance and connectivity.   The brand also envisions and works at forging a future of automated driving while creating smart mobility for semi-autonomous navigation. All the innovations and development are part of the company’s plan to deliver customers only the best results.  

MB Vans and Robots Rolling Out

  Mercedes-Benz Vans, the first company to provide a solution to the need for a means of transport that can take on heavy loads and challenging jobs, continues to expand its work on delivering the latest and most innovative technologies.   Just this week, MB Vans expanded its goal of producing the finest line of cars that can provide automated driving as well as automated delivery.   The famous German automobile maker pushed for the growth of its partnership with Starship Technologies, a startup that has taken on the task of creating a fleet of autonomous robots that can carry out a local delivery within a radius of 2 to 3 miles for a span of 15 to 30 days.   Starship Technologies announced a total of $17.2 million in seed funding, with Daimler AG leading the round of investments.   Daimler AG is a multinational corporation with subsidiaries like Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz, under which MB Vans operates.  

Mothership: An Automated Delivery

  In September last year, Starship Technologies and Daimler AG introduced to the public their “mothership” concept. The concept is the world’s first transportation system that transforms a Sprinter van into a transport hub for eight delivery robots.   To create a greater efficiency for deliveries, the concept will integrate the advantages of a van with robots that the startup has designed to run autonomously.   It is the belief of both companies that robots will improve the efficiency and provide solutions to issues that the delivery industry currently face, specifically regarding logistics.   The innovation that the business venture offers is the ability of robots to travel short distances, away from the MB van as a hub and without the need for an external source of power. And even when the robots navigate around town autonomously, humans will still monitor their movement, and they may take control anytime.   While it is still necessary for the automated robot to return to the warehouse for a reload after doing every delivery, its automation significantly enhances any distribution operation.   And with the use of the Sprinter van as a mobile hub, the radius for the operation of the robots remarkably widens and, in turn, reduces the current demands for the construction of warehouses for any business delivery.   By combining the automation of delivery robots and the functionalities of a mobile hub, the concept creates an opportunity for van customers and other niche markets to venture into new business models and services.   Aside from improving operations, the mothership concept also creates a convenient delivery process for end customers.   With the latest agreement on the seed funding, both companies aim to develop and polish the mothership concept for a more systematic performance in the coming months. Starship Technologies and other partners will conduct the primary pilot tests for the van hub and delivery robots in Europe.   After the initial testing of the robots, a widespread testing of the concept will take place with the participation of various logistics partners. The project teams have decided to conduct the pilot in a real-world environment at the last quarter of this year.   The project will expect a total investment of around 500-million euros from MB Vans for the automation, digitization, and robotics expenses calculated to last until 2020.  

Semi-automation in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  Apart from the collaboration with Starship Technologies, Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to automation. After a year since the debut of their E-Class sedan, Mercedes-Benz also unveiled their 2018 coupe version.   Aside from the wider, longer, and taller four-door build of the model, the E-Class boasts of a softer and way more organic-looking body. And similar to its S-Class and C-Class coupe siblings, the 2018 coupe also excludes a B-pillar.   Also typical of the midsize E-Class is the hardtop design that car enthusiasts rarely find nowadays. Customers may also enhance the coupe’s look with the optional Sports Package, to achieve a more aggressive personality with additional bumpers, wheels, and side skirts.   But what distinctly places the E-Class to a level that's different from other competition is the company’s Pilot Drive feature, which functions as a semi-autonomous assistant to the driver. It also has the Distance Pilot Distronic adaptive cruise control to guide drivers with their road navigation. That particular feature will manage distances at speeds of up to 130 mph.   Another smart feature unique to Mercedes-Benz products is the Magic Vision Control, which will clean the windshield through three semi-autonomous wash programs. First, is cleaning without splashing water that can briefly disrupt any driver’s vision. Instead of sprays, wipers have mini outlets that will intelligently release water directly in front of the wipers. That will reduce washer fluid consumption.   Next, is the heating system for a more convenient cleaning process and one that also melts frost well enough and with ease. And last, but not least, the intelligent controls will also know when the top of the vehicle is down, so they can keep the fluid and dirt from getting in your car.   Dealers will distribute the smart car in the summer of 2017, with an expected release of the convertible and AMG variants.  


  Mercedes-Benz consistently provides customers with innovative technologies that rightly positions the brand as a front runner in the industry. With the future of smart navigation, autonomous driving becomes even more possible. Whether it’s a mobile hub for robots or an intelligent driver assist in coupes, Mercedes-Benz will deliver. buy mercedes engines used buy used transmissions for any model of mercedes benz black 5 spoke mercedes rims 17in

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Rap and Mercedes-Benz Give Life to the American Dream

buy mercedes benz parts from adsitco, kanye would if he knew how to fix cars In as early as the 15th to 16th century, rap was already a term that many people in Britain use. However, initially, it solely meant either to strike or to hit a surface to attract attention.   It was only a few centuries after when other people began using a variation of the word to mean speaking or chatting in general. Nowadays, many people know rap as a genre of music that originally sprang up from inner cities.  

Going back to the roots of rap

  For a long time in Western Africa, “griots” are the historians and storytellers who shared tales with their community by playing handmade instruments at local events. Now, there isn’t an equivalent word in the English language that could cover every function we can associate with a griot.   That’s because being a traditional griot means having a profession that can include various roles like those of musicians, spokespeople, diplomats, teachers, historians, ambassadors, interpreters, warriors, advisors, masters of ceremonies, and more.   While not every griot will do all of those roles, each griot still helps mainly to keep their past alive by practicing the tradition of remembering their history and articulating it for their fellowmen. A griot will usually sing, celebrate, and make announcements, but above all, a griot will remember their story as a people.   To never forget is perhaps the most valuable role of a griot. And it is that tradition that got carried over when colonizers began taking Africans against their will and transporting them to America as part of the large slave industry.   One of the ways the enslaved Africans coped with the oppression, subjugation, and injustices they experienced at the time was to sing. So while they spent most of their time working in the fields and vast plantations, they often spontaneously performed a “call to answer” song.   The call to answer requires a leader or the griot singing a particular part of a song with the rest of the enslaved responding with the following line. That kind of crowd engagement is what performing artists of today call as emceeing or the act of generating group participation.   The particular style of storytelling that griots usually make, combined with the act of inviting a crowd to participate is the root of rap music as we know it today.  

Rap as a genre

  Though the roots of rap go deep and as far back as the West African tradition, it was only in the early 1970s when the American people began to consider rap as a genre. It started in block parties held in New York City when DJs experimented with the isolation of percussion breaks of the soul, disco, and funky songs.   MCs, whom we more commonly recognize today as rappers, then had the task to introduce the DJs as well as keep the crowd energized in between songs. To do that, they would talk, crack jokes, and in general, interact with the audience. As time passed, it became common for MCs to talk and spit rhymes that were in sync with the beat of the music.   What many initially dismissed as a fad, rap soon made a name as recognizable as Hip Hop and proved its capacity for commercial success when the first singles and albums broke records in the music industry.   The music of rappers and DJs did not stop evolving, and in the late 1980s to early 1990s they entered what we now know as Hip Hop’s golden age. That was the period when rappers and DJs pushed the limits of their music and turned it into a mainstream genre we listen to today.   During the 1980s and 1990s, Hip Hop evolved from the consciousness of the black community within the United States. That was a time when the US experienced its worst recession since the Great Depression happened. That was also a time when millions of Americans lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes, and their lands.   Even with the decline in the economy, or the stock market crash that happened in October 1987, a majority of the middle and upper-class Americans still had confidence in the administration. And because of that, the character people associated with the decade was still the “yuppie.”   The yuppie symbolized the young American who has a well-paying job that can support his expensive taste thanks to his college education. Some people see the young urban professionals as materialistic and self-centered who were only concerned with the large consumption of goods while making a lot of money.   Material consumption was one of the issues that the Hip Hop culture responded to with their production of rap music. Hip Hop and rap, as a genre of music, predominantly became a response to the cultural, socio-economic, and political issues that plagued marginalized groups such as the black American society.   Just like their African ancestors who were forced into slavery, the black community used rap to transform their resentment of the injustices and social inequality they experienced into something productive. Through their music, they reframed the attitudes of people and created opportunities for themselves to go beyond the challenges they experienced on a day to day basis.  

The Criticisms of Rap and Hip Hop Culture

  With the inevitable evolution of rap and Hip Hop as a whole, and the acceptance that audiences from the United States and other countries had, there is no doubt about their prevalence in the music industry. However, despite the popularity rap and hip hop were enjoying, some people criticized its seemingly pervasive nature, which reflects cultures of chauvinism, profanity, aggression, vulgarity, and indecency.   The genre was not short of criticisms as others identified the community as promoters of subversion and insurgency. They were in support of the notion that any attributable positive changes in the social and cultural aspects were a mere offshoot of the disorder that defines the music in general.   But in spite of all the controversy that the genre has been getting, especially with their lyrics that seem to campaign for the practice of vulgarity and aggression, many rappers and hip hop artists were still able to push for a national movement that has the potential to uplift marginalized communities.  

Rap and Hip Hop as Forms of Expression

  Now, even if we recognize the arguments of the critics of rap and hip hop as valid and to a degree reasonable, their statements still in no way can reduce the massive influence the genre has as a medium for mobilization, promotion of cultural differences, and basic social awareness.   Through the years when rap music evolved, it became a useful tool for provoking thought and action, more than just awareness. Through the music, plenty of artists became advocates for movements against violence, power, inequality, and poverty that enslaved their communities for centuries.   And together with being an instrument of such movements of people, the music that rappers created also reflected their trends and ideas, as well as the social realities they were living in and their interpretations of such. The songs were expressions of their thoughts, in the hopes that these might inspire change in their society.   Accordingly, most people listen to rap and hip hop and think of the music as a mix of the reality and fiction that create contemporary artists’ responses to the ever-present conditions like joblessness, discrimination, poverty, and dis-empowerment. And in general, people saw rap and hip hop as a movement to counter the policies and attitudes that many members of the white American society had against the black community.   And with the growing popularity of the genre, specifically through the 1980s and 1990s, rap songs became a revolution, to some extent, against the yuppie figure that was busy with the consumption of goods that only the affluent society can purchase.   Minorities and groups that experienced oppression for years found a channel for expressing their plight, and in a creative and, in reality, nonviolent way, fight the oppressive conventionalities that the majority of the country has served them.  

The music of Gerald Earl Gillum

  Gerald Earl Gillum, born on May 24, 1989, is an American songwriter, producer, and rapper most people know as G-Eazy. G-Eazy, who is of Ukrainian descent, was born and raised in Oakland, California.   He independently produced his first singles, and his first major-label album called These Things Happen hit the number 3 spot on the US Billboard 200 after its release on June 23, 2014.   The second studio album he released, titled When It’s Dark Out, featured the hit single “Me, Myself & I” that garnered a place in the top 10 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 after its release on December 4, 2015.   In a span of eight years, G-Eazy has built quite an impressive career that progressed from being just a promising act that’s making a mark in the underground music scene to being a major-label artist who is now working with big names in the Hip Hop and Pop music industries.  

The Music Style of G-Eazy

  Gillum, or G-Eazy, takes inspiration for his music style from the late 1950s to early 1960s culture with a blend of contemporary rap. He admits his style pulls together different styles of music from distinct genres and cultures, which he weaves together to produce the kind of music that has catapulted him to this year’s favorite Hip Hop artist.   The style he illustrated is evident in the music and message of a song he released in 2011. Mercedes Benz (The American Dream) was a takeoff from the piece that the famous rock icon Janis Joplin performed in 1973.   It is a song that outright describes the gluttony and wastes the American upper class had. G-Eazy, together with the rawness of Janis Joplin’s voice, sings of the fortune that many of today’s “yuppies” and affluent members of the society often take for granted.   While G-Eazy also includes in his music the jealousy he has for the kind of luxury that the wealthy can benefit from anytime, he also explains in the song that he earned what he currently has through hard work, and by being true to himself.   He is honest about overcoming the struggles and troubles that his class status afforded him to earn his spot in the industry. And that while a significant amount of money can turn people against each other, he still stays true to his friends and what he has does for years to be the kind of artist he envisions himself.  

Mercedes Benz (The American Dream)

  Much of G Eazy’s early music is about his life and his pursuit of the American dream. It’s the reality he experienced as a budding rap artist in the early 2000s.   With G-Eazy taking inspiration from the American culture of the 1950s and 1960s, it is worthy to note that the decade that followed World War II is one that many people would consider as a prosperous period in the history of the American economy.   Americans in the 1950s experienced victory after years of war. They had money to spend and pursue their American dreams in an optimistic, and even better, realistic manner. Part of the big goal was to achieve comfort from family and home building, as supported by their purchase of real estate properties.   When around 16 million veterans went back after the second World War, America experienced a housing spree, and the industry boomed with war survivors starting over with their lives by creating a family. After the housing boom, the baby boom followed, and then car production also experienced a boost in purchases.   Then rapid technological production for family use also happened after the war ended. The 1950s up to the 1960s were a period for the modern American family to live life to the fullest, particularly regarding the consumption of goods they could buy.   That was the American dream that, in a way, also reflected G Eazy’s aspirations in life. Through hard work, he is also open to seeking material wealth and not taking things for granted, unlike those in the upper-class society he stereotypically described.   Though the Mercedes-Benz song that Janis Joplin popularized evokes a sense of loneliness that comes with a rather illusory happiness, G Eazy’s take on it was more of being true to oneself about being enticed by the very same worldly goods that Joplin seemingly criticizes.   While for many people, the song is Joplin’s rejection of the deeply consumerist world that drives the American dream, G-Eazy’s is a welcoming of that reality, but still with a grain of salt. After all, Mercedes-Benz as a brand is the symbol of timeless luxury anyone would want to achieve.  

Criticisms and the Realization of Dreams

  Just like G-Eazy, other rappers still link hip hop and rap with their class aspirations, and despite differences in cultural backgrounds, they use the music to convey their take on the experiences they have in society.   However, for a genre with complex layers of cultural, socio-economic, and political elements, it isn’t surprising when some people raise questions about the essence and success of a white rapper. Some would question if the artist is authentic enough or is in a position to practice an age-old tradition and turn it into his own.   And like all things, hip-hop today changes and alters its identity as speculations emerge regarding the authenticity of a genre and the significance of its roots in an industry that merges art with consumerism. Will a genre that fought inequality and injustice continue with the practice of exclusivity for people based on their skin color and history?   What the colored youth used as a medium for exerting their rights to self-determination, hip hop and rap grew beyond an art form and into an industry where control over its direction and production were at the disposition of multinational corporations.   That growth, even with what some might say as the reason behind the dying of a genuine movement for self-expression, propelled artists regardless of color to realizing their respective American dreams.  


  With a history of movements against oppression and towards living the American dream, hip hop and rap continue to inspire artists of all backgrounds and colors to take a stand and express their thoughts in a productive way. To be able to express individualism in aspiring what would define a good life, despite all negativity, is a true value of rap as an evolving music genre.   Thank you for reading our post on Hip Hop Culture, History and Mercedes Benz! Adsitco has been providing Mercedes-Benz parts since 1979. Check out these specials!

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What You Need to Know About the Birth of Rock and Roll and Cars

The birth of rock and roll and how cars fit in

Music And Cars Go Hand In Hand

Some people would say there is no better union than when the music and auto industries come together. In both social and physical spaces, cars can be a medium of expression for power, wealth, mobility, and speed while music represents love, thrill, pride, and other emotions we can associate with owning and driving a vehicle built as a signifier of one’s status in life.   Another thing that music and cars have in common are the stories they share with people of different backgrounds. These are the stories woven by the people who write music and those who navigate their way down a road.   In every musical experience, and in every drive, people create stories they either share or keep, but definitely remember through time. The fact that countless songs are describing or sharing a snippet of the experience that cars and driving bring is no coincidence.  

A Historical Perspective of Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Cars

  It was around 1940s when both Rock ‘n Roll and the old, classic hot rods were born. That was a point in history that signified the pinnacle of a new march to progress that the extensive rural electrification and industrial engines powered to some degree.   To further explain the relationship of Rock and cars, let’s take a look back in 1939 when World War II began. That was the time when the devastation that the Great Depression caused began to abate. And ironically for some, the time when the US economy found the chance to start over.   When the United States declared its participation in the war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, it immediately shifted into the nation it is today - one that actively produces industrial war machines. The production shift provided work to many Americans, with hordes employed in munitions factories working behind a common and larger cause.   The war, though it destroyed the lives of millions of people, brought new opportunities to the American economy. The IEEE History Center reported that during the time, virtually every American could get employment with longer workweeks as well as higher earnings despite the limits to wages.   People established more unions from left and right, and they gained members who were able to demand unprecedented work benefits. Even women and marginalized sectors also found economic opportunities during the war, that employment rates rose in general at the time.   Alongside the aggressive production of industrial machines used in war, the electrical industry also experienced rapid changes. As it was becoming clear that World War II was beginning to be a war of technology, electrical engineers all throughout the world, including in America, had to step up their game.   The specialty of the engineers transformed from one with well-defined applications that cover electrical power and communications to another that is turning into a source of economic strength and pervasive technological advancements.   One of the most novel and widely used technological innovation that began in the same period is wideband FM. Edwin Armstrong, who was responsible for the breakthrough, improved the performance of FM radio by reducing its bandwidth. And since 1940, when there were 150 applicants for FM broadcast stations in the USA, people continue to take advantage of the uses of audio radio transmissions.   The advancements continued in the post-war era when hot rods together with Rock music fueled some of the greatest youth movements we know of the 20th century. Industrialization continued with the reproduction of automobiles and Rock began to transmit in the ever-becoming popular FM radios and TVs, which saw a swell in number when American households in the late 1940s bought almost a million units.   After the Great Depression and the tragedies of World War II, a period of affluence, comfort, and consumerism was born in the changing American society. A time for Rock ‘n Roll and the rebound of the automobile industry was unfolding.  

Mercedes in the Picture

  As mentioned earlier, hot rods and Rock fueled much of the post-war era, after a rapid industrialization during the second World War. And aside from the famous image of Rock stars going around for a drive, many of the songs popularized in the early music scene mentioned in the lyrics the names and models of cars.   One of the most popular car makers that artists included in their songs is Mercedes-Benz. It’s a little bit ironic though that the luxury automobile maker comes from the State that makes up one of the Axis powers in the second world war. And now it has some mentions in songs popularized in one of the strongest Allies of World War II.   However, that is just one of the beauties that music and cars can make. The stories change, and in every song and drive is a different experience for the driver, composer, singer, and listener. Despite the tragedies of the past, we find countless other tales and memories in music and cars, both as products and producers of history.   Here are some of the well-known songs that included Mercedes-Benz in the lyrics.  

New Radicals - You Get What You Give

  Released in 1998, You Get What You Give is a song popularized by New Radicals, an alternative rock band that was active for only two years. Gregg Alexander wrote and produced the song which hit number one in different singles charts.   However, Alexander put more emphasis on the downside of fame, and his critique on it underscored the distaste he has for the value society put on celebrity attention and stardom. It is probably the reason why he wrote about smashing the Mercedes-Benz of “frienemies,” shattering the symbol of luxury and celebrity status.   It was only a matter of time before he decided to break away from being the band’s frontman, all while in the middle of their album cycle. But he did continue his passion for songwriting and producing songs for other artists, which he preferred over the burnout he experienced while trying to create a hit record.   Even though Alexander stayed away from the gaze of the public, the hit You Get What You Give remained in the mainstream even during the fifteen years that followed.  

Stan Ridgway - New Blue Mercedes

  Stan Ridgway is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist known for his lyrical narratives and distinct voice. In 1997, he released the song New Blue Mercedes which provides us a look into the realities of different people who are not living the American dream.   The Mercedes-Benz in the picture was in stark contrast to the community he paints, not only because it was new and blue, but because it was the symbol of affluence that the people could not attain.   Some would say the greatness of Stan Ridgway is attributable to the unique voice he uses in narrating the stories of individuals he has observed in his life. Ridgway, through his songs, has a way of drawing details of characters who live with a particular pain or suffering.   With his music, Ridgway continued to capture the diversity that the American people have. He writes down what he has observed and heard, and with excellent comprehension and skill in delivering, he shares these stories through music and metaphors like the Mercedes.  

REO Speedwagon - Don’t Let Him Go

  Don’t Let Him Go is a song released in 1981. REO Speedwagon performed this song that Kevin Cronin wrote. The single reached the top 25 of Billboard’s Hot 100 at the time.   Though REO Speedwagon is more popularly known for Can’t Fight This Feeling, Don’t Let Him Go is another song that brought the limelight on the American Rock band that has been in the industry since 1967.   It was Neal Doughty and Alan Gratzer who began their jam sessions when Doughty was still under the electrical engineering program at the University of Illinois. Since then, the group continued to write hit singles and entered the celebrated Rock music industry.   The single, Don’t Let Him Go, comes from the perspective of a singer, as ordinary as can be, who is only pleading with a girl on behalf of his friend. The Mercedes in the lyrics is part of the characterization of that friend as a James Dean kind of guy who can grab the attention of people because of his status.  

The Dean Ween Group

  Ween was an alternative rock duo formed in 1984 in America, by childhood friends Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman, better known by their stage names Gene Ween and Dean Ween. Currently, Michael “Mickey” Melchiondo, a guitarist who was also active in Moistboyz, runs the Dean Ween Group.   The newest single of Dean, Mercedes-Benz, delivers a funky tune with the right groove from horns and playful keys. It is a slick slice of rock with lyrics that shows something fun yet still gives a hint of the stratifications in society. With its line where the singer is offering his “fair-weather friend… a job cleaning the wheels of [his] Mercedes-Benz.”

Eagles - Hotel California

  The Eagles’ Hotel California is probably one of the most iconic songs ever written that have shaped the rock and roll scene. Released in 1977, and winning the Grammy Record of the Year award in 1978, the song was a Billboard chart-topper with more than 16 million copies sold in America.   While there are plenty of theories that try to explain what the song is all about, the members of the celebrated American rock band has revealed multiple times in various interviews that their piece is about the excess and self-indulgence of America.   Similar to Stan Ridgway’s New Blue Mercedes, Hotel California describes the dark side of the American dream. However, this time, it’s about living the dream in excess. Elements of the song drew inspiration from the fame and success that the band was experiencing at the time.   Originally named Mexican Reggae, Hotel California made it to the list of Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time. The classic rock song is an interpretation of life in the fast lane in L.A., again basking in the limelight and success of the band.   And just like the other songs, the luxury car was another symbol of the high life. Though the band wittingly turned the name into Mercedes bends to show to some extent a lifestyle that isn’t as smooth as the public might think.   But since the single’s release, The Eagles continued influencing the Rock and Roll industry. In 1998, they were inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rock and Roll, and it was during that time when all former, as well as present members, performed their massive single together on stage.  

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz

  Mercedes Benz is an acapella that Janis Joplin performed impromptu. She wrote it in August 1970 at a bar in New York. According to Joplin, she remembered the first line of a Michael McClure song, asking God to buy the singer a Mercedes Benz.   With that in mind, she performed the song at the bar. Much of the piece was about questions of material wealth and whether that could bring anyone contentment. Unknowingly, that was the song that Joplin would ever record before she died of an accidental overdose at age 27.   The Mercedes-Benz song that Janis Joplin popularized is a blues music with tunes that evoke the loneliness that come with an illusory happiness. That kind of happiness initially appears with worldly goods, yet no one can ever attain it even after buying the product that presents itself with joy and satisfaction.   For many, the song is a rejection of a consumerist world and practices that Joplin saw and experienced as she grew up in a middle-class white family in Texas.   In the different verses, Mercedes-Benz, color TV, and a night in town were the distinct material goods that Janis Joplin saw and sang about in the piece. Joplin saw them as something that will deceive you with a kind of happiness that will never last for long. According to Joplin, neither of the three would bring her the joy and peace an individual deserves to live life well.  


  Much of the changes that we saw in the production of cars and music, specifically rock and roll happened swiftly during and after the second world war. A critical moment in our world history that’s marked with struggles and aggression also paved the way to an industrial advancement as well as an evolution in the music scene.   Nowadays, we can enjoy the fusion of rock and roll with cars to signify the mobility, power, and wealth that characterized an era of movements, not just in the global political scene, but in the music and automobile industries too. Mercedes Benz Parts For Sale: If you enjoyed this list we would surely appreciate when you have a need for your Mercedes Benz to buy your Benz parts from
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