Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Want a Racetrack? One’s Up for Auction Soon

rockingham-speedway--via-daily-journalThe Rockingham Speedway is going to be up for auction come May 5, and if you’ve got the money sitting around you could be the next owner. Maybe go in on the deal with your buddies then fix up your steering and suspension and have a blast on the track? Valued at $6.85 million, this racetrack will be a steal if you end up winning the auction (good luck!).


ROCKINGHAM — A year after the deadline for a court-ordered sale, the legendary Rockingham Speedway is going on the auction block.

According a notice of foreclosure sale filed in Richmond County Superior Court on April 7, the property will be sold “to the highest bidder for cash” at a public auction May 5.

The notice states the sale will include “the real property, together with all rights, privileges and appurtenances thereto…and the personal property described in the deed of trust.” Continue Reading

Image via Daily Journal

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