Monday, November 14, 2016

Mercedes Hits Just Right Size With Metris Cargo Van


Midsize Van with Full-size Capabilities

Mercedes has solved the goldilocks equation with the Mercedes Metris van which is a mid sized cargo van with as much storage and towing capacity. And that’s thanks to the peaked out Mercedes Transmission that was able to be crammed into the spacious Benz while still retaining the ability to be able to park it in a standard size garage.   Mercedes-Benz has officially entered into the growing market of mid-sized cargo vans with the garageable Metris. The Metris is a new, right-sized van offering from Mercedes-Benz that is larger than small vans and smaller than large vans. Its value proposition includes superior craftsmanship, high cargo/towing capacity and an attractive price. It is designed to thrive in large metropolitan areas with an agile yet spacious presence. Its size and garageability allow this mid-size van to fit easily in parking garages and navigate the streets in busy metropolitan areas. In addition to its sophisticated, sleek design, it carries many of the rugged characteristics of the larger Sprinter. Continue Reading Image via Motor News Media Corporation  

Mercedes Hits Just Right Size With Metris Cargo Van Find more on: The Adsit Team Mercedes Nuts

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